So, I made the decision to go stimulant free in April

This decision could result in murder, no jokes, it is going to be rough.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? What was I thinking?

Well first off lets start with how did this happen and why did this happen.

Pretty simple.  I saw a post by Kortney Olson on facebook and she invited everyone to join her in a month away from stimulants.  I thought about it for about a day and a half and decided this was a good challenge, I  like to challenge myself, I look every month for something new to challenge myself with – this month was burpees, I hate burpees but I thought it would be a good thing to do because it would push me out of my comfort zone, there will be a post about that challenge  next month.

So the challenge in April is no stimulants.  That means no coffee, no caffeinated diet soda (which face it will basically mean no soda at all because if its not diet pepsi or diet dr.  pepper its not good enough for me to drink), no pre-workout, no energy drinks.  I need to cut these out of my life for bariatric surgery anyways so I might as well start now yeah?

What was I thinking?

I am not even sure honestly.  I guess I figured it would be a good challenge, push me away from my cozy little caffeinated comfort zone, and find ways to not die without it.


Of course I know that I am probably going to have headaches and not be the nicest person the first week or so into this,  but I am hoping the effects are very minimal.

I will be documenting how this affects my sleep, my workouts, my daily life.  I am hoping its interesting, and MAYBE, just MAYBE  I will get more than 4 hours of sleep.



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