May…. oh May

At the end of every month I grade it – yes with a report card, I gave April a B+.   I considered April to be a pretty large success,  with 30 days of no stimulants,  1000 burpees, And hitting all but 3 of the goals I set out for my self (only missing the measurements, the amount of blog entries posted, and  the amount of workouts I wanted to hit – because 50 burpees  a day was slowly killing my will to gym).

May however?  Solid F.  If I could go lower than an F I totally would.  It was just a not good month.  I didn’t weigh at the beginning of the month – it was closer to the middle, I quit logging food, I didn’t hit my workout goals (I was ONE workout shy of the goal… ONE and had I not had an unfortunate experience with a speed bag on Friday morning, I totally would have hit the goal but getting smacked in the mush with a hunk of metal kind of puts a damper on working out).  No measurements were taken (I haven’t taken them since February).

No excuses but to put it simply, I burned out. I just started to die.  Here are the stats from last month.

Food: 31,999*
Burned: 10,953
Worked out (mins): 1,948
Workouts: 58
Days worked out: 23
Average eaten: 1600*
Weight: approximately the same as 760 Guadeloupean Bananas

About a million years binge free… but honestly its more like 517 and I would quit counting but my ocd doesn’t allow for it to happen.

* Due do me not logging food the average food consumed and logged is not correct.

Overall fitness wise may was the shits. My heart rate spent most of the time in the Blue zone (which is not in the fat burning zone – at all and means I was only about 66-71% of my max heart rate) even though I pushed myself.

I had a melt down yesterday, everything sucked and I wanted to just quit.  I sat down and did what I do best, I re-vamped the spreadsheet I have, I uploaded the old one, I found a new calorie counter other than MFP, I paid for a month to see if overall tracking is better and worth it.  I made goals. They are drastically different than previous months goals.

Weighing weekly – every Thursday.
Logging food every day
Do measurements – haven’t done them since Feb.
19 workouts (one workout a day M-W-F in the morning, T-TH – in the evening)
Progress Pictures – June 20th (the day before I go for the WLS consult)

I am tired of killing myself at the gym, so I am going to be kind.  One workout, do a reset of sorts.  No more gigantic burns, no more hours and hours at the gym. Just 30 minutes (that’s a circuit)  and done.

June 21&22 I go for my WLS consult, things will most likely change and that is okay but right now this is where I am at I have 20 sleeps until the consult. I got this.




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