Well 7 days into this new month and so far I have stuck with my plan, I have logged my food every day, I have done 1 workout a day (from 2 – 3) and tomorrow is my weigh in.

Will I lose weight? Probably. Want to know why? Well you probably don’t care but my period is over so good by period bloat, hello new number on the scale, which is really just an old number but whatever.

I have noticed that since I started only doing one 35 minute workout a day my heart rate has been steadily getting better – even on days where the workout is not as cardio based my heart rate stays up in the fat burning zone more now so I am happy, and the extra time not in the gym can be spent reorganizing/cleaning my  house.    I put new curtains up in the living room the other day, I love them.  My cat hates them because they are not the old ones that he could  open and close easily with his face (he is a weirdo).

I pulled off MFP for tracking, I am only there for social interaction and that is limited because I have really nothing to share.  I have been using Cron-O-Meter and I don’t hate it.  I like the break down it gives, its reporting is way more helpful, I have paid for the month and will evaluate at the end of the month if I want to switch to a full year subscription or not.  So far, not hating it though.

As far as the weight loss surgery consult goes I have 14 more sleeps.  My blood work is done (was done Saturday), my hotel is booked (because its in Regina and I am in Saskatoon), and plans for my dog and cat are in place (they are staying at my moms while I am gone).

I don’t have a whole lot to update on, but I figured I would come back so I don’t get lazy.


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