WLS Consult Update & Changes

My WLS consult was  on Wednesday/Thursday of last week.  I have been accepted into the 6 month program (which I kind of already knew because once you get the acceptance letter I think you automatically get to be part of the program).

Anyways I met with:

a dietitian – who was amazed that I was already tracking my calories and knew about kitchen scales and portion control (I am not new to this rodeo).  My diet has changed, I am eating about 1500 calories a day – sans exercise calories so I am down from 1700 – 2100 calories to 1500 (it’s been an adjustment),  I am no longer allowed “liquid Calories” – not that I had a lot of those BUT I did enjoy my iced coffees from time to time so bye iced coffee (It’s okay I found a caramel machination protein powder which is just as good – and way less sugar), no more eating out – which I will talk about in a little bit, and cutting out sugar intake. Oh and no more drinking WITH meals, between meals only.

The surgeon (one of 3 in the clinic, and I could have any one of the 3 doing the surgery) Dr. Butler was pretty sure that that VSG will work for me as I have no pre-existing health conditions that it wouldn’t work with like diabetes or ulcers.  Our meeting was short because I had no questions and he seemed overall pleased with everything i have done to this point. My only job is to lose some weight (which if the past is any indicator that could be harder than anticipated)

The Psychologist – this is the one that I worry about with my mental health issues in the past I don’t want them to put a damper on anything now.  We talked about my weight struggles, and behaviour changes.  She was pretty pleased that I was already using distraction techniques to avoid binging.  We talked a bit about my anxiety and I told her that for the most part I was okay until new situations popped up – re: travelling along to a city I have never been to alone before.  She gave me some “mindful eating” tips, and has suggested I ask myself “why I am in the program” and when I want to eat something “is this going to get me closer to or farther from my goals”

I did not meet with an exercise therapist as they currently do not have on in the clinc but in my group of 3 I am the only one who does work out currently and they told me to continue with my trainer for now.

That is a pretty brief summary and honestly there was a lot of information that I don’t think has hit me yet.

The mind shift has to happen to get all of the rest to fall into place, so I am working on slowing down my eating (its a struggle), eating small bites, chewing my food to a liquid consistency, not eating with a distraction (no tv – which if I am honest this will probably never happen I live mostly alone  and eating at a table alone is rather… pathetic- and probably another hurdle I need to get the fuck over)

The no eating out thing is rough, I do social outing with friends  – we go for food and drink, and once a week my house hold does eat out so that is a major major shift.  It means cooking for myself, I have support but I won’t ask the other 3 people in my house to drastically alter their lives for my choices, they are already altering a lot in the way of what they are eating to help support me. I also never realized how many times I was going to grab breakfast on my way into work after the gym.

I think that my biggest hurdle is going to be the mind shift.  I can’t look at it as “one time wont hurt me” anymore, I want to have these habits and changes in place long before any surgery happens so I can get the absolute most out of this tool.

I shifted my  mind and behaviours once which resulted in a recovery for an eating disorder I could have never imagined (542 binge free), I can do this again, except this time the stakes are bigger, the work is harder and the hurdles will keep moving as I concur them.




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