Rules Suck…

and I hate them.  I hate them a lot.

I am not a big rule follower, tell me I can’t do something and I will want to do it even more.

When I agreed to this WLS I knew there would be rules, and I knew that things were not going to be easy.  I knew it meant having to re-vamp my entire lifestyle to comply,   with them.

Much like Sponge bob I was ready.


Or so I thought I was ready.  I mean technically I am ready but man … rules.

Ultimately I know this is right, and I know I will get used to it but someday’s it sucks.  I am only a week into the rest of my life, and I  am pouting.

The main source?  Currently the state of my face.  It has been a week,  a human face should not resort to throwing a tantrum along with the person it is attached to.  But mine is.  Mine is angry because I have gone from eating mostly healthy, but not too healthy (because lets be real I was eating out more than I thought) , to really eating healthy and not eating out , and not having  take out and now my face looks like it just decided to go through pube

rty – for the first time because even when I was in puberty I didn’t break out like this.

Also not eating out.  Tomorrow is the first Friday of not being able to eat out.  Fridays in my house are D&D nights (I don’t play but the trolls in the basement do), those nights also include ordering food in.  It was my favourite day of the week, I got delicious food  and it was the start of a weekend.

giphyThis weekend is the first weekend that I will have to cook for myself knowing full well that the D&D group in my basement is eating out.  This is where things get tricky.  I am like a toddler who is not getting their way.

I sound so sad, and I know in a couple of weeks things like this wont matter to me but right now they do.  right now they really really matter – for no other reason than rules suck.

I know the rules are good for me, I know that things are supposed to be hard before they get easier, I know my life will move on as per normal and eventually things will matter less and less, and right now the no eating out rule is to get me back on track – where I need to be before surgery, to get my head on straight so when I come out of surgery I don’t revert back.

The rules make it suck a little less when I look at things like this graph:


This is the month of June, my weight graph hasn’t looked like this since 2015 when I had nominal success in losing weight and then quit because I started gaining and I got frustrated, if I can keep this chart looking fairly similar to this then I wont complain  in the end but really right now I am going to be a toddler and complain because, complaining is easier and if I am complaining it means my mouth isn’t full of french fried.. mmmm french fries.



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