June Re-cap

Well June was a smashing success when compared to May which was a failure of epic proportions.

I found my motivation early in the month, followed by the kick in the pants I needed after my WLS consult.  June started off strong with a goal of logging my food, using Cron-o-Meter religiously and not having too many calorie goals – My original goal was 1700 calories and then exercise  calories on top of that.  I saw some progress in the fact the scale drops a few pounds  and I was happy.

After my WLS consult on the 21st and 22nd of June my calorie goal changed to 1500 calories – NO EXERCISE calories to be eaten back.    So far its been pretty uneventful I have continued to lose weight and this month ended up losing 4.5 pounds.  This coming month will be the first month of me actually following program the entire month so it should be interesting.

Overall grade for this month was an A, I missed a goal I had but it was nothing  incredibly major as it was my measurements and I am pretty positive those haven’t changed since the last time they were done.

Total Cals eaten – 49,278 – average 1642 calories a day
Total cals burned through exercise – 5,931 (down from 10,953)
Time worked out (mins) – 896 (down from 1,948)
Number of workouts done- 21 (down from 57)
Days worked out – 20 (Down from 23)
Binge Free Days – 547
Weight lost: 4.5lbs

Fitness wise, things are great, my heart rate has recovered, and my workouts are back to the intensity I am happy with.  I am currently sitting with no idea how to work goals for the month, tentatively they  look like this

Weighing weekly – every Thursday
Logging food every day
Do measurements – haven’t done them since Feb.
27 workouts
Progress Pictures – July 20


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