Victory and some real life

Victories come in small forms for me.  I don’t separate scale and non-scale victories they are just victories.  I had a few yesterday that are worthy of noting.

  1. I went to a new grocery store that just opened to check it out, I walked by the bakery without stopping, I didn’t buy any pastry, and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything – which is a huge step for me because I love my freshly baked pastry.
  2.  Today my company is having a “Canada Day picnic” where they are having Montreal Smoked Meat on a Ciabatta bun, poutine, and butter tarts, and pop. I cannot accurately log  the foods and would over eat so I have opted out of participating.  I bought a Mediterranean salad w/chicken breast, feta and a Raspberry vinaigrette dressing, that I deconstructed last night to weigh out and log accurately, and then I made a package of sugar free jello so that I can still have dessert without a million and a half calories, and a Glaceau Vitamin Water – Rise Zero.  My entire lunch came out to 399 calories as opposed to close to 1000 calories.
  3. I put sushi and pot stickers back in favour of chicken wings to keep my carbs down yesterday. I love Sushi and I love pot stickers.
  4.  the scale was back down from the 2+ pounds I gained the week before so that was a win.

Now the real life stuff.  I have a planters wart.  I have had this specific planters wart since September 2016, but I have been in wart hell since June 2016 .  It started with 35 tiny baby warts on my big toe, those took a while and a few treatments but we got them, by August 2016 I had been declared wart free WOOHOOO!! Right? WRONG.. BIG FUCKING NOT RIGHT!

September 2016 I notice a spot between my toes, I had a prescription refill appointment for my thyroid meds and I said “hey while I am here can you look between my toes? I think I have another wart” so the doctor looks  and goes “oh my… oh no… this isn’t good” looks at me and goes “yes you have another wart” so we treat it.  I figure what is a couple more treatments because the OTC stuff did not work on the other warts, I wasn’t even going to try to treat this one.  3 appointments and the wart looked the same as it did the say I started so… we amped up the treatment to shaving the top, then doing nitrogen treatments – no joy…. then we went with freezing the foot (those needles hurt btw, don’t do it if you don’t have to.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and those made me cry) and using cauterization – again no joy.  So we amped it up one more notch – no freezing (I opted out because nothing can hurt as bad as that right?) Again – WRONG! So fucking wrong, shaving the wart down, cauterization AND nitrogen treatments.  Mid to late January my doctor though he got it, we left it untreated for 2 weeks and at the check up she was bag, as big and as ugly as ever.  It was at that point he gave up and sent a referral to the only dermatological clinic in my city.

I got told it would be a six month wait for an appointment, my doctor made short order of that an in 2 weeks I was in to see the dermatologist who took cryo to a whole knew level, he uses a straight blast of liquid nitrogen on the area.  While the wart is getting smaller its still very much there.  At the last appointment he gave me a salicylic acid ointment to put on it at bed time and recommended covering it with duct tape, which is great… except all the non fungal infected tissue is a mess because of all the cryo and now the acid ointment  (which is inevitably getting some on it because of the location) has made it incredibly tender. It is almost like athletes foot that has never been treated. So on one side I have the Motherwart and on the other side I have really beautiful pink new baby skin that is so tender its not even funny.

No here is your warning, if you do not want to see photos of it please… leave this entry now…..


I am serious….


Well I warned you.




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