July Recap

Wow, it is August. It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a crashing halt so fast.

Let us recap July shall we?

Over all grade for the month? I would say A. The goals I had for July were:
Write 4 blog posts – Complete
No Eating out – Not done, ate out twice at my favourite noodle place that has known my order since I was 17 (I used to work for them), I do not regret my decision to eat there at all, solid choices – not unhealthy.
Weigh Weekly – Thurs – Complete
Measurments – Not done, I have avoided these for some reason. I think I am subconsiously worried they will derail me, I do need to do them though,
Progress photos – Complete (and posted on my blog)

So while I didn’t stick to a couple goals, I was careful in what I chose to eat and I am quite proud of myself as my D&D campain eats out EVERY friday and they order food that I do love but I have avoided – pub food, pizza, junk food etc. I have stayed true to my goals.

July Stats
Ate: 44,875 Calories (down from 49,278)
Averaged 1448 a day (down from 1642 average)
Burned through Exercise: 5,602 Calories (down from 5,931 calories)
Worked out: 798 mins (down from 896 mins)
Workouts: 22*
Days worked out: 19
Binge Free: 578 days
Lost: 3.6lbs
Total loss from highest weight: 10.3lbs
Total lost since June 1: 8.1lbs
Total Lost since WLS Consult: 4.6lbs

*I did not count a 5K in my workouts as I did not wear my HRM for it but I completed a 5K Foam Fest last month as well.
Workout info
Grey zone: 40.76 mins (down from 90.16mins)
Blue zone: 146.14 mins (down from 209.34 mins)
Green zone: 423.25 mins (up from 423.25 mins)
Yellow zone: 168.06 mins (up from 161.23 mins)
Red zone: 8.13 mins (up from .22 mins)

August Goals
Write 5 blog posts
No eating out (absolutly zero this month)
Progress photoes
Get my intensity per workout up (less time in blue/grey/green – more in yellow/red)
23 days worked out/23 workouts

I have my next appoinment with the bariatric clinic on August 21st. I have lost 4.6 pounds so far since my consult I would like to be down 3 more pounds when I weigh in there that is 3 weeks and 1 pound a week which is totally doable – unless I jump almost 3 pounds next week due to my cycle (like I did last month), I am however not going to stress out, I am doing the work, I am logging my food, I have been super diligent and incredibly honest in my logging. I will trust in the process and know everything will workout in the end, so long as I make some progress I think the surgeon/team will be happy as it will prove I am trying (I have been trying for what seems like a million years but w/e)


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