New 30 day Challenge and a Video!

I am just going to start with, I am probably mentally unstable and I question all of my life choices but this one?  This one I think even tops 1000 burpees in a month (which will make you stop hating burpees and make you start questions who you even are).

Last night my Trainer/friend showed me the new 30 day challenge and said “I am doing this, want to join?”  I looked at his phone and then looked at him and went “uhm… not really?” and he goes “totally optional, I swear!” which means its optional as long as you aren’t  one of the core group… I am unfortunately part of the core group so YAY new challenge?!

I started the challenge with the intentions of following his plan and then quickly derailed and said “I am starting at a lower number because I am still fat and still not at your level okay? Okay!”

The workout is called “Building Superman” (It should be  called Killing Myself Slowly  but who am I to judge?)

Starting with 20 reps* of each exercise, we will the add 5 reps to each exercise daily (Yes you read that DAILY)

1. Squat with DB forward
2. Lunge DB to the side
3. Shoulder Press
4. Push ups
5. Tricep dips/ kickbacks
6. Bicep curls
7. Bent over rows
8. Straight leg deadlift
9. Heavy DB sit up
10. Side plank raise

5- 10 minutes of stretching

The original said starting with 50 reps, but seriously – no, nope, now way, nuh-uh,  nah.

I did the first day yesterday, I will do photos today for this and then again at the end of the 30 days to see if there is a difference – there better be a difference damn it or I am going to be one feisty tiny person.

Now onto the video, this is the first video taken of me in the gym (there have been other full gym videos so it just pans across me), this is some padwork that I did last night with my Trainer.



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