I hate this meme…

I have a bone to pick with a meme and it is probably just me being me because that is what I do.


This is the meme

What is the issue? you might ask thinking its not a bad meme, and it really isn’t a bad meme, the sentiment is pretty good actually. I like the idea that it is portraying – know you the one where you are more than the sum of your parts blah blah blah.

That said here is where my issue lies. It is the truth. I am fat.  Fat isn’t bad, fat isn’t less, fatmemefat is nothing more than a descriptor word.  People don’t correct me when I say  “I am strong” or “I am short”  but the second I say “I am fat” I get “oh no but you are beautiful.” Um yeah thanks I know that I never said I wasn’t beautiful, I said I was fat.

I know I am more than my body, I know that the fat doesn’t make me who I am but if you asked me how to describe myself I would say I am short, fat, funny , kind, compassionate, fitish, happy  and the list goes on. Fat shows up because it is what I am.  I am not fluffy, or chubby or curvy (well that’s a lie I am curvy under the fat but still fat. )

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t make fat a bad word and it’s not it has no more power over a person than saying they have red hair, or they have long arms, or they are short or tall or slim or fit.  Its a word, a pretty typically harmless descriptive word, one that has no power unless you give it power and giving words power is counterproductive, so remember the next time someone says they are fat,  its just their truth, it doesn’t mean they are saying they are ugly, or seeking attention it is just what it is.  A word.




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